Episode 71 - Kingdom

Episode 71 May 30, 2024 00:29:00
Episode 71 - Kingdom
Looking Above
Episode 71 - Kingdom

May 30 2024 | 00:29:00


Hosted By

Karen Baughman

Show Notes

To wrap up our season on prayer, we have a mini-series on the Lord’s Prayer that we produced for our Pray Retreat in April. Each episode features a discussion on one phrase from the Lord’s Prayer. In this episode, Brooklyn and Karen unpack the phrase, “May your Kingdom come soon. May your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven..” (Matthew 6:10)


After listening, we encourage you to sit down with a friend and process what you’ve learned. Here are some questions to guide your discussion:


  1. Define “the Kingdom.” 
  2. How do we seek the Kingdom practically? 
  3. Why do we cling so tightly to “our will”? 
  4. Do you know God’s will? How can we better seek and discern God’s will? 
  5. Do you know anyone who lives seeking the Kingdom first? What does that look like? What about that lifestyle is appealing? What about it makes you squirm?
  6. Spend some time praying together.  Pray about a specific situation or two that you can relinquish to God.
  7. How does it feel to relinquish control and leave these situations to the will of God? 
  8. How will you know if you have actually relinquished these requests to God? What will be a sign that you are still trying to control?

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