Episode 70 - The Lord's Prayer

Episode 70 May 30, 2024 00:39:36
Episode 70 - The Lord's Prayer
Looking Above
Episode 70 - The Lord's Prayer

May 30 2024 | 00:39:36


Hosted By

Karen Baughman

Show Notes

To wrap up our season on prayer, we have a mini-series on the Lord’s Prayer that we produced for our Pray Retreat in April. Each episode features a discussion on one phrase from the Lord’s Prayer. In this episode, Brooklyn and Karen unpack the phrase, “Our Father in heaven, may your name be kept holy.” (Matthew 6:9) After listening, we encourage you to sit down with a friend and process what you’ve learned. Here are some questions to guide your discussion:


  1. How does the word “our” impact the way you pray? What does “our” communicate? (Ephesians 4:4-6)
  2. Are you able to approach God as Father (Abba)? How does your own relationship with your dad impact how you view God?
  3. Discuss God as holy. What does this mean? How does it affect how we relate to God?
  4. Why do we need to understand the deeper meaning of “name” in this prayer? What part do we play in keeping God’s name holy?
  5. Is it easier for you to relate to God as holy, or as Father?
  6. What box are you in? What keeps you from relating to God in prayer?

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