Episode 72 - Today

Episode 72 May 30, 2024 00:29:10
Episode 72 - Today
Looking Above
Episode 72 - Today

May 30 2024 | 00:29:10


Hosted By

Karen Baughman

Show Notes

To wrap up our season on prayer, we have a mini-series on the Lord’s Prayer that we produced for our Pray Retreat in April. Each episode features a discussion on one phrase from the Lord’s Prayer. In this episode, Brooklyn and Karen unpack the phrase, “Give us today the food we need,” (Matthew 6:11)


After listening, we encourage you to sit down with a friend and process what you’ve learned. Here are some questions to guide your discussion:



  1. What does worry reveal about our hearts?
  2. Why don’t you trust God? What would it take for you to increase your trust?
  3. What do you need from God right now? Would God agree - or would He amend your list?
  4. Do you struggle more with worry for the future, or the pride of self-sufficiency?
  5. How can you train yourself to go to God with every need you have?
  6. Respond to this quote:  “God gives where He finds empty hands.” - Augustine  
  7. Petionary prayer is prayer we pray for ourselves. But it is powerful when we do this in community. Take turns praying in your group. Ask God for what you need right now. Be open and honest with God. If you sense there is more He wants you to ask for, do so.

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